zondag 20 mei 2012

Here I go again, at last.

Been away from here for quite some time but it had a reason. I've been sick and had  major surgery a year ago. Been working on my recuperation from that moment on, almost there. Very tired in the beginning and still have to take my rest on time. But it's getting better and better. I'm grateful that I'm doing so well right now, and for my family and friends to be so supportive all this time.
I didn't do much creative stuff during the sickness and after the surgery, because I was so tired all the time. But I took it back up since about six or seven months. Working in the round robin journals, working on a fabric project of myself and a two week homemade card project with an other creative lady here in the Netherlands. It's wonderful being creative again, specially now that I have a room for myself. Our daughter Susanne moved out to live together with her boyfriend so her room became vacant. 
So now I can play with paint and glue and beads and fabric and all the stuff that I keep in there. :^)
Tomorrow my husband and I are going to visit Susanne, she lives about an hour away from us so we don't see eachother very often, so I'm looking forward to it.

zondag 24 oktober 2010

It's been awhile....

It's been awhile since I've posted here, I was busy, busy busy with everything and nothing.
But now time for some photo's of three journal entry's for the international round robin circle swap. The first one is in Tikes journal and is about unconditional love, the heart can open and inside is a poem about unconditional love.

The second one is Monica's and has the theme "Fairy and folktales". I chose the story of Thumbelina. All done in fin liner and colored pencils.

The third one is Louises journal, about sacred feminine. I made a collage of pretty papers and images and a photo of me from ages ago on which I am breastfeeding my eldest daughter. A very sacred and feminine moment. I also added tags with images of the place and country I live.
I'm still working in the fourth.

I also participated in a nature art doll swap, so I made this little felt red head, with fabric leaves, little twigs and fabric flowers.

In return I got this fabulous little sweetheart from Mary Larner. Her name is Antheia and she came in a pretty decorated box with pretty little paper items in it. Isn't she just adorable

zondag 18 juli 2010

Some new projects.

My dog Misha after he had some fun in a nearby pond. Isn't he the cutest dog ever? ;^)
Introduction page in my Round Robin art journal we are playing at Milliandes place.
This is the picture I used for it, My daughter Miranda made it.
Ladybird ATC wich I made for the hostes of a swap also at Milliandes.
And these are the ATC's I made for the swap. I kinda like them myself.

dinsdag 20 april 2010

Some new creative outpourings.

I made these art journals Teesha Moore style but with a cover. I pan to do some art journaling in there.
And I've been carving my own stamps using rubber erasers. Great new hobby.
An other Dottee doll, made for a friend of mine.
Flower ATC's made with green cloth and images from papernapkins.
And this little butterfly quilt I made for myself.
I'm having so much fun. :^)

vrijdag 9 april 2010

Another set of ATC's and other artsy stuff.

I made this small butterfly quilt in memoriam of my mother who passed away one year ago. I gave this one to my dad, he received two more from his daughters inlaw. It's a lovely set om his wall.
This cute little dragon popped up in the art journal I got from a good LJ friend last year. She also added some art prompts to it and this was one of them.
Three birthyear ATC's I made for a swap at Milliandes.
A little birdie ATC for a friend with an envelope made out of magazine paper.
These three lighthouse ATC's were also for a swap at Milliandes, it is so fantastic to participate on those swaps.

donderdag 28 januari 2010

Finished paperpiece ornaments.

Here are the finished paper pieced ornaments I was working on. I think they turned out pretty well.

maandag 28 december 2009

Bird feeders and some other stuff.

I made two bird feeders as a present for a friend. Ilike working with wood, but don't do it that often. I do want to make one for myself too.

I am also working on a mosaic, I like frogs so I took an illustration of one and worked from there.
All I still have to do is the sky in a light blue color.

The branchface I made as an excample for the kids in school, so they could make one them selves.

The Christmas ornaments I was working on are almost finished, just in time for next years Christmas, ;^D