zondag 24 oktober 2010

It's been awhile....

It's been awhile since I've posted here, I was busy, busy busy with everything and nothing.
But now time for some photo's of three journal entry's for the international round robin circle swap. The first one is in Tikes journal and is about unconditional love, the heart can open and inside is a poem about unconditional love.

The second one is Monica's and has the theme "Fairy and folktales". I chose the story of Thumbelina. All done in fin liner and colored pencils.

The third one is Louises journal, about sacred feminine. I made a collage of pretty papers and images and a photo of me from ages ago on which I am breastfeeding my eldest daughter. A very sacred and feminine moment. I also added tags with images of the place and country I live.
I'm still working in the fourth.

I also participated in a nature art doll swap, so I made this little felt red head, with fabric leaves, little twigs and fabric flowers.

In return I got this fabulous little sweetheart from Mary Larner. Her name is Antheia and she came in a pretty decorated box with pretty little paper items in it. Isn't she just adorable