dinsdag 20 april 2010

Some new creative outpourings.

I made these art journals Teesha Moore style but with a cover. I pan to do some art journaling in there.
And I've been carving my own stamps using rubber erasers. Great new hobby.
An other Dottee doll, made for a friend of mine.
Flower ATC's made with green cloth and images from papernapkins.
And this little butterfly quilt I made for myself.
I'm having so much fun. :^)

vrijdag 9 april 2010

Another set of ATC's and other artsy stuff.

I made this small butterfly quilt in memoriam of my mother who passed away one year ago. I gave this one to my dad, he received two more from his daughters inlaw. It's a lovely set om his wall.
This cute little dragon popped up in the art journal I got from a good LJ friend last year. She also added some art prompts to it and this was one of them.
Three birthyear ATC's I made for a swap at Milliandes.
A little birdie ATC for a friend with an envelope made out of magazine paper.
These three lighthouse ATC's were also for a swap at Milliandes, it is so fantastic to participate on those swaps.